Blog Often or Not?

I suppose I should craft this question within my mailbag feature, but I think I will let it stay as it is. The question that has come up is essentially this one: should I blog on a daily basis?

Well, there was a time when I thought that if you managed a blog, you should be posting to it at least once per day. Back on June 16th I made mention that I would not be blogging as much, instead I would be concentrating on other activities, specifically writing for hire. Besides this blog, I manage 6 other blogs and keeping them all up-to-date is a tall order. Nevertheless, I have discovered that if I devote the first hour of my day to blogging, I am in a much better mind-set to write for others. Kind of like a pitcher’s warm up time before he faces the first batter.

Now, I am not so sure how relevant daily blogging should be. With the number of blogs doubling about every 6 months, the internet is getting filled up with so many different sites that it is becoming much more difficult to truly sift through all of them.

Eric Kintz of Marketing Profs:Daily Fix has an interesting take on blogging these days and he strongly suggests that daily blogging is, in fact, counterproductive.

Okay, before you go and breathe a sigh of relief make certain that you actually read all 10 of his points before you stand down. For some folks, hyperblogging still makes sense, but for the majority of us it doesn’t, at least according to what Eric has shared.