Eating Fast And Until Full Can Make You Put On Weight!

Japanese researchers say eating fast and eating until full can make you put on weight. The scientists from the Osaka University, Japan said people who eat fast may be three to four times more likely to put on weight as compared to people who eat slowly and stop before they are full. The study, which appears in the British Medical Journal, lays emphasis on the eating styles which contribute to the current epidemic of obesity, and not just the amount of food one eats. Lead author of the study, Prof. Hiroyasu Iso and team looked at the relationship between ‘eating style’, ‘eating until full’ and being overweight. The study was conducted on nearly 3,300 people in between the ages of 30 to 69.

A questionnaire was provided to them on the eating habits and they had to report how quickly they eat from the first to the last bite, whether they eat until they’re full and had to get their height and weight measured (Body mass index, BMI). 50% of males and more than 50 percent of females said they normally ate until they were full. And, 45.6% percent of men and 36% of females said they ate quickly. When researchers compared people in “eating slowly and not eating until full” group and “eating fast and not stopping until full” group, adults in latter group were three times more likely to put on pounds as compared to the earlier group. The study author wrote, “Eating until full and eating quickly were associated with being overweight in Japanese men and women, and the combination of the two eating behaviors may have a substantial impact on being overweight.”

Another expert from UK agrees and feels speedy eating could be a reason for the weight gain as it interferes with the signaling system which tells our brain to quit eating because the stomach is swelling up. The researchers urged people to watch out the eating habits of the children from the beginning and cultivate good habits such as eating slowly, eating as a family without any distractions such as TV, and video games. Obesity is not few extra kilos but a heavy accumulation of fat which perks up your risk of diseases like heart diseases and diabetes that in turn can damage your health and cut off years from your life.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 400 million people around the world are classified as obese, of these 20 million are below the age of 5 years. Australia is now the world’s fattest nation with 26% of its adults being classified as obese. A rise in obesity has lead to an increase in diabetes and other health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and 6 different types of cancer, including post menopausal breast cancer, pancreas, kidney and womb cancers. Another latest study published in the October 17 issue of the journal Science, revealed that compared to skinny people, the obese derive less pleasure from eating and therefore eat more.

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