4 Straight to the Point Ways to Professional Blogging! – SECRETS REVEALED

1) Professional blogging includes using your blog as a relationship builder. You should blog everyday if you can and insert in your blog events and things going on in your life like vacations, birthdays etc. along with pictures. But most of your blogging should have educational content that people that visit your blog can use, like marketing education and new techniques you have learned. Writing about things that are happening in your life and things you know and are being taught makes blogging easy and you never run out of things to write about. Now you can build relationships by directing people to your blog and they will get to know you and see how educated you are.

2) Professional blogging also is a great way to establish yourself as a leader on the Internet. When you make a YouTube video or write an article, at the end direct people to your blog for more information on your opportunity or to get their questions answered. This establishes you as a leader in the eyes of the people who go to your blog and they will be drawn to you without you even talking to them. If you’re a network marketer, 97% of the industry is failing. So if you’re giving your help, people will chase you and follow you. This is called “Attraction Marketing.” By helping people get answers to questions they have through professional blogging, this draws people to you and establishes you as a leader.

3) Professional blogging is also an awesome way to post valuable information you have just been taught to your team or people you may be training in your business. Now because your blogging professionally and it’s geared towards blogging for dollars, you don’t have to teach people in your business one at a time. Just direct them to your blog for new news and education that you will be posting daily.

4) Your blog is a good place to recognize people on your team who are doing well. You may not know this but small acknowledgment goes a long way and keeps everyone pushing themselves harder and taking massive action in your business.

These little tips that I have just handed you are often over looked because they are so easy to do but if you do these things your status and you business will grow. Now start professional blogging today.

B2B Blogging: Avoid the Mistake 9 Out of 10 Marketing Professionals Make

B2B Blogging as Killer App?

According to HubSpot, 78% of Internet users do product research online. And 7% of businesses have acquired a customer through blogging. Marketing professionals agree that inbound marketing is here to stay and that it’s the wave of the future.

However, marketers’ actions match neither their beliefs nor the data. Instead, B2B marketers have left a competitive advantage unexploited. It’s a blind spot.

Here it is.

Only 7% of brands “listen” via blogs.

It’s an understatement to say that blogging remains a vastly under-utilized resource.

Dominate Your B2B Market with Blogging

Buyers have changed their buying habits, researching products and services when and where they want. This is where inbound marketing, and blogging come in.

Unlike push marketing – inbound marketing doesn’t interrupt you. Seth Godin calls this permission marketing. It’s marketing that isn’t intrusive. Instead, information or content marketing is there when you need it – providing you with the information you’re searching for.

Inbound marketing and social media take many forms. But – according to a 2010 BtoB survey and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), “Blogs are considered the most effective social network for B2B prospecting”.

Bottom line: Effective blogging can put you in the catbird’s seat.

Blogs work well in the B2B space and are uniquely suited to embracing prospects and customers alike. As you’re aware, B2B purchase decisions don’t happen quickly because they involve many stakeholders.

Consequently, there’s a demand for different information for different audiences. Blogs cater to that demand. And blogs engage and build connections with prospects. They open the door for meaningful interaction with the prospect by providing relevant information.

In addition, blogs’ built-in two-way communication helps solidify emerging relationships. In B2B, building relationships is vitally important.

With two-way communication, buyers get to ask what they want. Therefore, they get the information they need. That feedback mechanism gives the customer a voice. And that further builds trust and credibility.

But only 7% of marketers use that feedback to generate meaningful content. Imagine the competitive edge you could gain by with company blog.

Put the Power of Blogging to Work for You

The power of blogging lies in its ability to connect directly with the prospect. Your message won’t just be specific – it’ll be ultra-specific. You can have a conversation, develop a relationship, and mitigate or prevent a problem – in real-time.

Blogging helps you deepen your relationships with your customers as you address their concerns, issues, and needs. You can only do that when you “listen” to your prospects’ and customers’ comments, concerns and questions

Does Blogging Really Work for B2B Businesses?

If you’re a Doubting Thomas that believes blogging and B2B just don’t go together, I ask you to look at the facts below.

Many B2B businesses blog and reap the above benefits. These companies aren’t newcomers to blogging. They’ve made B2B blogging a centerpiece of their content marketing strategy. And they’re establishing best business practices.

Here are just a few companies with successful blogging strategies.

· Cisco – a provider of networking systems from routers to webinar software

· Kinaksis – a supply chain management company

· SAP – an enterprise supply chain software provider

The results these companies have experienced include increased website traffic, increased conversions, and increased blog traffic.

To cite another statistic from the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, 76% of best-in-class marketers employ B2B blogging. That ranks the same as “in person” events such as trade shows. Clearly, there’s an opportunity to be exploited. But a gaping hole exists.

Take advantage of this neglected opportunity, and make B2B Blogging your Killer App.

Build a competitive advantage over 9 out of 10 of your competitors – who don’t use blogs to “listen” to their prospects and customers.

The B2B marketing world is changing. Are you changing with it?

The Changing Face Of Pregnancy

Women have sure come a long way since the harsh days of the 1800’s,
according to an excerpt taken from “Safe Counsel”: A Complete Guide to
Pregnancy and Child Care in the Late 1800’s-by Author Karen Hamilton
(Heritage Books, Inc.). In her book, Hamilton quotes Prof. B.G. Jefferis,
MD, PhD, and J.L. Nichols, AM, in 1897 as a home medical reference guide
for the common people as saying: “Pregnant mothers should avoid
thinking of ugly people…Also avoid ungraceful position and awkward attitude,
but cultivate grace and beauty in herself. Avoid difficulty with
neighbors or other trouble.”

Boy, have we come a long way! It used to be that the most comforting
thing a woman could do to make herself feel at ease during pregnancy, was
to just deal with it! Women didn’t talk about such things back then. A
woman was expected to maintain a strict level of grace and dignity
about the whole matter. Today, however, we are living in far more advanced
times. Although the challenges and discomforts of pregnancy have
remained the same, the way we deal with them has completely changed.
Nowadays, we have a whole host of Prenatal Products and services, specifically
geared toward maintaining the level of comfort, throughout a woman’s

Of the many services available today for pregnant women, prenatal
health spa’s and gyms are by far the most popular. Today, an expectant
mother can walk into a full service gym, that caters exclusively towards
pregnant women. These can take on a sort of “social club” atmosphere,
promoting camaraderie and fellow feeling. What kinds of services are
offered at such health clubs? A peek inside, might reveal women in various
stages of pregnancy, exercising on specialized weight machines and
equipment. You might see a variety of floor exercises in progress. Overseeing
it all, you might find several employees or trainers who specialize in
prenatal fitness, taking the lead. The commonality of the environment
alone, is thought to add a sense of safety and security to the expectant
mothers in attendance.

Not all mothers, however, will have the means or circumstances to
attend such gyms. What can be done for them? Fortunately, there are a lot
of at-home exercise programs and products that can be purchased to
easily replicate the gym experience. They will be able to select from
balance balls and other accessories that make their home regimen feel more
like the real thing. There are also a variety of New Mom gifts, that can
continue to soothe and relax mom even after her at-home workout is
complete. Either way, the benefits of staying physically fit during
pregnancy, far outweigh any costs incurred from a prenatal gym membership or
the purchase of at-home equipment and accessories.

A trip to the spa can do wonders for almost anyone experiencing stress
and discomfort. Prenatal health spa’s, on the other hand, go the extra
mile to make an expectant mother feel relaxed and at peace with her
growing body. They offer such essential services as prenatal massage and
other therapies designed to alleviate the stress of a changing body.
These and other services can range in price from moderate to high end, but
the good news is that some insurance carriers are beginning to
recognize the value of such services and are therefore, beginning to cover
them. Women can also purchase maternity packages and gift certificates to
apply towards the cost of these important services. The benefits of
prenatal massage alone, make a trip to one of these exclusive spas

Women who are unable to afford costly trips to prenatal spas need not
lose heart. There are many prenatal products on the market that can
bring the spa experience right to their door, at a significantly lower
cost. The Earth Mama Angel Baby Line features a collection of prenatal spa
products that are geared specifically towards a woman’s overall comfort
and well-being during pregnancy. They offer a wide selection of massage
oils, soothing balms, and emotional support products. Husbands or
significant others will play an important role for those choosing the home
spa option. They would do well to learn as much as possible from the
Internet or other resources, about prenatal massage and the benefits that
lay therein. Educating ones self, need not be burdensome. There are
many books, magazines, and video presentations that specialize in teaching
loved ones to perform pregnancy massage. This can become a bonding
experience for all involved.

As stated at the outset, a woman in the 1800’s could do little to
comfort herself during pregnancy. She could only work on blocking out the
discomfort altogether, by avoiding her personal feelings on the matter.
Women of today, are treated far different in this regard. They are
encouraged to talk about their pain and discomfort, openly, and with other
mothers. Support groups and online communities now exist. Advice boards
and pregnancy blogs are now the norm. These outlets are most helpful to
the expectant mother because they provide a sense of community.

The new millennium has also seen an explosion of products that
directly affect the mood and comfort level of today’s pregnant woman. Now, you
can find such products as Nipple Cream, and Bottom Balm! These products
would never have been openly sold on store shelves in the 1800″s!
Fortunately, for the woman of today, pregnancy related issues are no longer
taboo. A woman can feel free to openly discuss the best Nipple Butter,
or Boobie Tubes amongst her fellow mommies to be. She can seek advice
about reducing hemorrhoidal swelling or the best perineal massage
techniques. The proliferation of new and improved prenatal products are a
direct result of such open and candid, dialogue amongst pregnant women.

The changing face of today’s pregnant woman will continue to evolve and
change with the passage of time. We will continue to see new
advancements in products, services, and techniques that improve the overall
well-being of expectant mothers. Until that time, women from all walks of
life, will stay actively involved by continuing to research, blog, and
brainstorm their way to feeling better as they await the arrival of
their precious bundles of joy.