Weight Loss – The 5 Keys YOU Need For Success

Do you hate the way your clothes fit? Are you embarrassed to go out for a dinner because of the weight you have put on the past couple of years? Do you shudder when someone wants to take a picture of you? No matter what you do, you can’t’ seem to shed those extra pounds? If this sounds familiar you are not alone. If you are over the age of 30, Mother Nature might not be helping you out either. You see as we age our metabolism and other systems do not perform as highly effective as they did back when we were 23 years old! The good news is that Mother Nature can be influenced to go back in time. I want to share with you the 5 keys to get your body firing on all cylinders again. Do these 5 things and you will be back in beach wear quicker than Brad and Angelina pick up another kid.

1. Teach your body to detox:

The human body is an amazing system that has the ability to filter out a massive amount of toxins that we are exposed to each and every day. Our liver is the headquarters for detoxification. If our liver becomes overloaded, many biological functions suffer. Metabolism becomes sluggish and weight gain is common.

How can recharging our natural detoxification system help us with weight loss? You see our body is like a car. If we have old and sticky oil in the car it ends up running like a clunker! When we are loaded with toxins our lymphatic system becomes congested, and lymphatic tissue cannot move. Sweat glands cannot produce effectively either as they also become congested. If we are going to rev up our metabolism we need to get our detoxification system back in order. The most important thing that detoxification gives us is more energy and as I have said before energy is the currency of life. When we have more energy we can become more active!

So how do we get our detox system rocking again?

• Your diet is one key to detoxifying your body. Choosing a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables is important. In addition to the nutrient dense vitamins you get with fruits and veggies you also get rich fibre which is another key to detoxification. Avoiding processed foods which are loaded with chemical preservatives is also important. Finally choosing organic foods is always important to avoid additional chemical overload.
• Sweat like you were dancing all night to 80’s music! Our skin is our body’s largest organ and an extremely important vehicle to help release toxins out of our body. If you are able to get a good sweat on each day it will assist in keeping toxins at bay. Using an infrared sauna or wet sauna can assist you in getting a good sweat, but we prefer you get your sweat on through exercise.
• Grab your rubber ducky and hit the tub. Soaking in a salt bath a couple of times a week can assist you by pulling toxins out of the skin and accelerate detoxification. A warm bath with Epsom salts will do the trick.

2. Get your move on!

Exercise is critical to weight loss! There is no way around that. But how we exercise is more important than anything. We have learned over the past 5 years that short intense exercise is more effective for increasing our metabolism. Circuit training or interval training is typically described as short intense bouts of exercise lasting between 20-30 minutes. Using full body movements, one exercise after another and putting yourself in a cardiovascular zone is the key. Researchers tell us that short intense workouts accomplish two key things for us. One is that it releases more growth hormone in our body increasing our caloric burn and metabolism. Secondly is that we continue to burn calories for a long time, sometimes up to 12 hours after exercise!

This type of exercise does not have to be used every day but should be incorporated a couple of times a week. Use circuit training to get that metabolism burning and making you a calorie shedding machine. There are so many websites now dedicated to short intense exercise. Crossfit is one but you can Google interval training and learn more for yourself as there are many resources online.

3. Biochemistry 101

No you are not going to be subjected to the weird science prof who wore a pocket protector and had a noticeable twitching problem! What I am going to tell you though is that after the age of 30 chemicals change in our body. What seemed like an easy workout at 25 can leave us feeling like we have been hit by a bus at 40! This is where we can fool Mother Nature a little bit and optimize one specific chemical in our body that can help us take us back to the glory days of yester year.

DHEA is a hormone in the body that has seen monumental growth in popularity as it has been shown to be effective for weight loss and anti-aging. I am not about to say it is the fountain of youth but combined with other factors it has the ability to put you on the track to success!

In his best-selling book The DHEA Breakthrough biochemist and author Stephen Cherniske quotes ” DHEA makes weight loss easier by helping to correct the underlying metabolic defects that cause cravings, fatigue and other obstacles. DHEA appears to decrease the conversion of glucose to fat. What’s more, maintaining prime levels of DHEA can “tune up” your metabolism, making exercise easier and more enjoyable”. It is an interesting point of view as most mature adults start to consider themselves lazy and unmotivated as it is no longer enjoyable to exercise. This in turn can have a negative effect on motivation and also self-esteem, creating a viscous cycle. What Cherniske is saying is that if we optimize DHEA levels we can begin to start to feel better, recover better and in turn reverse the process and begin to enjoy exercise and its benefits again.

4. Chill out!

Like most other North American’s you probably live a life busier than Ryan Seacrest! We live in a world of running around, multi-tasking and we are constantly barraged with information from all angles. Your kids have a soccer game and then violin practice, the dog needs grooming and you have a power point to create for work. Sound familiar? Did you know that your stress level could be keeping you from your ideal body? It is true. Our body has a system of hormones that operate in a way that tries to create balance in the body. When we are under stress (no matter what type btw) our body interprets it as a violator is attacking our body. Scientists believe that this was created through evolution so that when a sabre tooth tiger was chasing us that we had a rush of adrenaline to get through the experience. Although it is rare for a good ole tiger chasing, our body is not as smart yet to identify what is a real stress and what is just minor stress.

Here is what happens in our body when it is stressed…. For example Sherri has a big project deadline at work. Her boss drops by her office and reminds her of the impending deadline. Sherri starts to think about this and her thoughts of concern and anxiety rise. Her brain sends a chemical messenger to her adrenal glands which sit on her kidneys. Those adrenal glands release chemicals and hormones like epinephrine and a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is known as our stress hormone and it plays a critical role in our body. The problem is if Sherri is chronically stressing out her adrenal glands and releasing cortisol, then her body does some things that prevent weight loss. You see when Sherri releases cortisol it actually sends a message to her body to conserve energy and not burn fat. In fact heavy cortisol release often leaves individuals carrying extra weight around the mid-section, which we know is dangerous fat!

Ok lots of cortisol=bad…so now what?

Here is the good news. We know that finding some type of stress relieving activity like meditation, yoga, tai chi, or simply taking a walk can help greatly. Researchers have shown us that individuals who participate in stress reducing activity have better blood sugar control and cortisol regulation. Now you don’t need to sit on top of a mountain in Peru meditating for hours like Gandhi. Simply taking a few minutes each morning and evening and doing some deep breathing will often be enough to do the trick. Regardless of what stress relieving activity you participate in the key is doing it consistently.

5. Think and it shall be!

Our mind is an incredibly powerful machine and can influence physiological changes in how our body adapts. It is critical that you are sending it positive messages that envision you at your ideal weight. Take some time each day and see yourself in those skinny jeans or how good that size smaller dress you have would look like with the new Jimmy Choo’s you just bought!

Respect and be grateful for your health and body. Think of all the amazing things you can do that not everyone has the good fortune of being able too.

Do something to challenge yourself each day. Know that the human body and spirit have an infinite ability for change. Do not get stagnant…see life as an adventure.

Mostly importantly love yourself and treat yourself well and with respect. When you do this the world responds in kind.

Having a positive attitude is as important as any other thing you can do to stay young. Begin to see yourself as this positive light for you and others. Become the vibrant, youthful person that is already inside of you. I promise you that this will help change you more than you can say.

We try to cover as much as possible in the article but if you want more tips and keys to living well, opt in to our blog for TONS of content about living your best life!