What’s in a Name? How To Select an eBay Selling ID for Small Business

This morning, in my Google Alerts inbox came a question from a small business owner about eBay…

This is not unusual because while eBay wants to create the impression that the entire process of setting up an eBay selling account is a simple 123 affair, in reality it can be quite a challenge. There are numerous decisions to be made and each one is important.

Nothing could be more important as an initial decision for a small business when setting up an eBay account,than the choice of a name for your eBay ID.

Plan ahead and think about this vital decision.

The eBay ID name can be changed at a later date, but for the sake of continuity and because when you change your name, you lose links and possibly your customers, it is best to research and select the name you will stick with.

I hope I answered the question adequately for crhodes113 on the Marketing Profs Know How Exchange… (See text below)

Selecting a good eBay name is an even more important decision than selecting a corporate or traditional business name.

Remember, no matter what neighborhood or town your retail store may be in, you usually do not have to consider the search capabilities, whims and trends of 225 million buyers looking for your products. (eBay.com).

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Posted By: crhodes113 on 1/8/2008 4:05 PM (EST)

I am beginning a business on eBay and trying to decide on good name for it. I want it to be attractive, classy and now. I will not be selling only one line of merchandise. I will have mostly new and very slightly used clothing. They are primarily designer labels or high end manufacturers. Other items will be antique linens, glassware that is vintage or very nice later date. I think I will consider this a boutique so that I have room for various items. Can someone suggest some names that are appealing?

I replied:

Names on eBay should be more than just unique or interesting. You must consider many aspects of your business and your customers.

Think about who your primary customers are?
What words would they use to search for your primary products?

How will they best remember your name to return again and again?

What name will instill trust and confidence in first time buyers? Trust is huge in online sales…

Remember that your business name and your eBay name should be close to the same thing but they do not have to exactly match.

You should also remember that your eBay stores name can be slightly different if needed but should use very similar words (keywords preferably). And for your business model you really should look into using an eBay store…

If you use more than a single word in your eBay ID you should use a hyphen between the words.
example: Beauty-Boutique or Baudy_Boutique

Once you have landed on a theme of names (write every one down as you think of them). Check Google’s keyword tool for confirmation that these search terms are used by people looking for your products. You could also look on eBay based research tools like Terapeak or Hammertap to be sure your market niche is good for your business plan.

Then when you have narrowed your list of names down, look on eBay to see if your favorite name is available.

Good Luck!

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